5 Replies to “Afro-Latino Travels with Kim Haas, 2023 New Airdates”

  1. Can you recommend travel agencies or local community groups in various countries like columbia, cuba, venezuela and elsewhere that specialize in visits to local afro regions. My wife and I would like stay in a home with a host family, or a hostel or hotel that is operated by the locals in places like San Basilio de Palenque in Columbia or Santiago de Cuba. We loved our stay in Brazil many years ago and would like to go again and support local afro communities. We will search for and record all of your shows. Thank you!

    1. Hi Glenn. So sorry for the delay in responding. When do you plan on traveling? We are currently developing Afro-Latino tours (i.e. Costa Rica and Santiago de Cuba) and will be looking to share news in the near future. There are so many wonderfully, vibrant and fascinating Afro-Latino communities and we are looking forward to traveling to these regions and learning about their experiences and cultures. Have you been to Palenque or Santiago? Are you looking for a home or host family for both cities? I’d love to hear from you. Wishing you the very best.

      1. Thanks for your reply. We have not been to Palenque or Santiago. We would love to stay at a home or with a host family. We can travel at anytime as young (50s-60s) retirees. We will need help with US travel restrictions for Cuba in the form of an “educational” or “support for the people of Cuba” program exemptions. Please refer us to groups that assist US travelers with these exemptions.

  2. Fabuloso, excellente y divino. Disfruto viajar con esta programa. Buscando a viajo Honduras con ustedes y mí télevision. Yo discubreesta show de PBS Atlanta. So, no puedo esperar a ver su programa visite Honduras con los gentes hondurian Guafinas.
    Los ciudades de Routan, La Ciebas y San Pedro Sula. I had so much fun there. Comidas, familas todos. Perfecto. I can not wait to see this show so now I am going to order the shows ☺ I try to speak spanish so I love listening and watching the show. I really felt like I was on tour with our guide. Afro-Latino is everywhere Afros are everywhere,todos parte de mí vida, todos parte de mí corazón. So, Bendiciones Kim Haas, gracias a usted.

    Love the show. It was my first time finding it on PBS ATLANTA. I pray it becomes real popular.

    1. Hi Daneen:

      Thanks so much for your wonderful comments, Deneen. We really appreciated your time and kind words. We absolutely love working on the series and are hoping to shoot in Honduras. Yes, the Garifuna culture is absolutely fascinating and deserves to be featured and spotlighted. I’m glad that watching the show helped you with learning Spanish. Just keep at it, don’t give up. Pura Vida!

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